T.I.’s mom could lose home over $60k owed to firm that removed mould from house

RAPPER T.I.’s mother faces losing her home after she allegedly refused to pay contractors who removed black mold from the property.
Violeta Morgan has been threatened with foreclosure after mold removal service BioRestore accused her of failing to settle the $60k bill.

The star, 39, owns the five-bedroom $616,000 home in Atlanta, Georgia, where Violeta lives.A source claimed that Violeta was a nightmare client and acted as though “she was the Queen of England”. They said that seven workmen toiled for over six weeks to clear the house of black mold.

The workmen were reportedly shocked by the state of the property when they carried out an inspection last June. They said: “It was disgusting. There was black mold oozing out of the AC ducts, black mold on the floorboards and the carpets were covered in it.” The fungus has been linked to respiratory problems. The source continued: “The house was absolutely inhabitable. Mold is sporous and it gets into the air. If it is in the AC ducts, it will spray all over the place.”

BioRestore gave Violeta a $60,000 estimate and she agreed to the work. But when it came time for the first half of the payment, she started complaining. The source added the company was not alarmed because Violeta’s rapper son is rumored to be worth $50 million, adding, the company was adamant about it being T.I. The source also critizised Violeta’s behavior. They said: “T.I.’s mother’s attitude was so nasty. She’s always looking to say something happened so that she couldn’t pay.”


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